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Jarkko Martikainen & Kalle Ahola


Jarkko Martikainen & Kalle Ahola

Pathetic facades come crashing down with this Huvila double bill. Jarkko Martikainen has turned his back to his man and guitar act and put together his Äänioikeus band, complete with strings. He wields his pen with a masterful touch, creating rock lyrics that home in on the stuff that really matters.

Kalle Ahola turns Arto Melleri's descriptions of gritty everyday life and bohemian romance into song. Melleri's poetry is perfectly expressed by Ahola's dark baritone, any pathos kept in check by a keen sense of irony.

Kalle Ahola will begin the evening at 19:00. Jarkko Martikainen and his band Äänioikeus will play at around 20:30.


Photos: Tomi Palsa, Matti Pyykkö

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Thu 1.9.  19:00 


30 € *

Age recommendation

Age limit 18

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