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Jordi Savall: Jerusalem

Classical music

Jordi Savall: Jerusalem


Jerusalem is a journey through this holy city's rich and conflicted history. Encompassing musical styles from classical through to world music, it draws on Jewish, Christian and Muslim heritage.

"One of the etymologies tracing the name of the city of Jerusalem translates its Hebrew name as "the city of the two peaces", in what is a clear metaphorical reference both to "heavenly peace" and "earthly peace", the former proclaimed and promised by the prophets who lived in or visited the city, and the latter sought by the political leaders who have governed the city throughout its five thousand years of documented existence.

Sanctified by the three great monotheistic religions of the Mediterranean, Jerusalem soon became the focus of prayers and longing. Desired by all, she has been the goal, aim and destination of pilgrims of all persuasions who flock to her gates in peace, but also the objective of soldiers and armies in pursuit of war, who have besieged and burned the city, bringing ruin and devastation more than forty times throughout her long history.

Jordi Savall and Montserrat Figueras, in the company of Jewish, Christian and Muslim musicians from Israel, Palestine, Greece, Syria, Armenia, Turkey, England, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, as well as their own ensembles Hesperion XXI and La Capella Reial de Catalunya, portray the chequered fortunes of Jerusalem - a holy city or a city bedevilled - in a frieze of texts and music evoking her protagonists. Jewish, Arab and Christian music from ancient times to the present day highlights Jerusalem as a city that looks forward to the possibility of achieving the two peaces proclaimed in its name."

Manuel Forcano, 2008 (source: Alia Vox)

Soprano & cithara: Montserrat Figueras
La Capella Reial de Catalunya
Hespèrion XXI
Sufi group Al-Darwish of Galilee (Palestine)
Guest musicians from Israel, Armenia, Greece, Irak and Turkey.
Reader: Manuel Forcano
Direction: Jordi Savall
Concept: Jordi Savall & Manuel Forcano

City of the two peaces: Heavenly peace and Earthly peace

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With the support of: Departament de Cultura of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Institut Ramon Llull and the Culture Programme of the European Union


Photo: Nomah

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