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Art Goes Kapakka
Thursday 18/8 - Saturday 27/8
Helsinki's hottest bars and restaurants will be sizzling with atmosphere as they play host to a line up of artists and acts as diverse as they are surprising.
Avanti! & Kapsäkki & UMO: Mahagonny
Friday 19/8 - Sunday 21/8
Cult piece is brought bang up-to-date with a fresh approach.
Allen Toussaint
Friday 19/8 at 19
Allen Toussaint and Mose Allison will start the party season at Huvila tent.
Artemis Quartet
Friday 19/8 at 19
The concert is cancelled due to illness.
Ateljee Isserlis I
Tuesday 23/8 at 18
Steven Isserlis, the distinguished cellist has designed a high-profile programme for Finland's leading talents.
Tuesday 23/8 at 19
Cuban and Malian musical elements encounter in this colourful show.
Ateljee Isserlis II
Tuesday 23/8 at 21
Steven Isserlis, the distinguished cellist has designed a high-profile programme for Finland's leading talents.
Anna Eriksson & Irina Björklund
Wednesday 24/8 at 19
An evening of soft, sensuous sound, high drama and old world elegance.
Ateljee Isserlis III
Thursday 25/8 at 18
Steven Isserlis, the distinguished cellist has designed a high-profile programme for Finland's leading young talents.
Ateljee Isserlis IV
Thursday 25/8 at 21
Steven Isserlis, the distinguished cellist has designed a high-profile programme for Finland's leading talents.
Annette Dasch
Monday 29/8 at 19
This dazzling, Berlin-based soprano's expression stretches from feather-light to no-holds-barred ardour.


Cirko Pikkolo
Friday 26/8 - Sunday 28/8
Pint-sized fun at the children's circus festival at Suvilahti's brand new Cirko centre.
Courtyard concerts!
4 shows starting from sunday 28/8
As the August evening draws to a close, soft music carries through the air and Helsinki's courtyards come to life.
Carmen Souza
Monday 29/8 at 19
The Portuguese-Cape Verdean Carmen Souza's warm-hearted jazz flirts with African rhythms.
Children's Cinema Sunday
Sunday 4/9
Walt Disney's ever-popular Dumbo and Jafar Panahi's enchanting White Balloon are screened as part of Helsinki Festival's Children's Cinema Sunday.


Eloge du Poil - The Bearded Lady
Monday 22/8 - Wednesday 24/8
With a burgeoning beard and escargot peeking from between her toes, the French circus artist and ventriloquist Jeanne Mordoj creates a heady mix of genres and gender roles.


Festival Club
14 shows starting from friday 19/8
Helsinki Festival will have its own Festival Club at the National Theatre’s Lavaklubi for the duration of the festival.
Fatoumata Diawara
Thursday 25/8 at 19
Fatoumata Diawara will flood the Huvila tent with her uniquely warm sound.
Frá Íslandi - electronic and acoustic from Iceland
Saturday 3/9 at 19
Helsinki Festival's Iceland-themed evening introduces a line-up of acoustic and electronic performances.


Animals Visiting the City
Friday 19/8 - Friday 26/8
Bears, wolves, moose and rabbits, escapees from a dream world, embark on a visit to Human Cities.
House Poetry
Sunday 28/8 - Wednesday 31/8
The poetry ambassadors are coming!


Ipanapa All Stars
Sunday 21/8 at 15
Huvila will be bursting with energy as this outrageously popular children's music band serves up a generous helping of Ipanapa hit songs and artists.


Jia Zhangke – Contemporary Chinese film
4 shows starting from tuesday 23/8
The maelstrom of social and economic change gripping China, the east Asian giant, as seen through the lens of a movie camera.
Jukka Poika & Sound Explosion Band and Jätkäjätkät
Friday 26/8 at 19
Rhythms from reggae to hiphop and from groove to folk will fill the Huvila-tent.
Jarkko Martikainen & Kalle Ahola
Thursday 1/9 at 19
Pathetic facades come crashing down with this Huvila double bill.
Jordi Savall: Istanbul
Saturday 3/9 at 19
Istanbul is a melting pot of religious music, where the Ottoman tradition blends together with the Armenian and Sephardic Jewish musical heritage.
Jordi Savall: Jerusalem
Sunday 4/9 at 18
Jerusalem is a journey through this holy city’s rich and conflicted history.


Love songs - Liebeslieder
Saturday 20/8 at 19
A programme of love songs will transport the audience to a 19th century musical salon.
Lisa Ekdahl
Monday 22/8 at 19
Lisa Ekdahl's ethereal voice, melancholy meolodies and highly personal lyrics come together to form a warm-hearted and incredibly moving whole.
Liisa Risu: More or less love songs
4 shows starting from wednesday 24/8
The Helsinki Festival 2011 dance commission is fuelled by the conflicting emotional states of people in love.
Le voyage - A Journey
3 shows starting from thursday 25/8
A light-hearted round-the-world trip for the whole family.
La Bottine Souriante
Tuesday 30/8 at 19
La Bottine Souriante combines Québécois folk and celtic sounds in irresistable way.
Lemi Ponifasio & MAU: Birds with Skymirrors
Friday 2/9 at 19 and saturday 3/9 at 19
Man, nature, mythology and the current day meet in the Samoan Lemi Ponifasio's breathtaking choreography.


Mart Kangro: Talk to Me
7 shows starting from friday 19/8
Well-known and highly regarded across Europe, this Estonian-born choreographer investigates questions about performing and performers.
Michaël Borremans
Saturday 20/8 - Sunday 9/10
The world conjured up by this Belgian painter is engaged in dialogue with the wider artistic tradition.
Marcos Valle
Saturday 20/8 at 19
Marcos Valle, the ambassador of Brazilian music, creates sunshine with his light and airy bossa nova.
Mike Leigh
3 shows starting from tuesday 23/8
Mike Leigh's films describe ordinary life, executed with all the charm and magic of theatre.
Mara ja Katti
6 shows starting from tuesday 23/8
The King of Rats is holding court at Helsinki City Hall and whisks best friends Mara and Katti off on a breathtaking adventure.
Mä ja Niko
Wednesday 31/8 - Sunday 4/9
Riku Immonen's choreography explores loneliness and friendship, intimacy and independence.


Neue Vocalsolisten
Tuesday 30/8 at 19
These seekers of new sounds embark on an adventure into the unknown.


Oksanen & Kaunismaa: Kertomuksia keittiöstä
4 shows starting from tuesday 30/8
Revenge turns into a walz, liposuction into a jig, as a woman’s life is brought under the microscope.


Poetry Moon
Friday 26/8 - Thursday 1/9
Helsinki’s only book festival approaches art armed with reading glasses.
Peter von Bagh: Lastuja - Taiteilijasuvun vuosisata
Sunday 28/8 at 19
The story of a talented and artistic family is told by Peter von Bagh's versatile narration.
Paleface & Koiton Laulu
Friday 2/9 at 19
Paleface and Koiton Laulu stand for justice and peace.


Rautavaara: Vigilia
Sunday 21/8 at 19
Embrace the mystery.
RSO & Metzmacher: Resurrection
Friday 26/8 at 19
A monumental work in the hands of a monumental conductor.
Ron Sexsmith
Saturday 27/8 at 19
Singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith's americana and folk-inspired indie pop rings clear and warm.
Renaud García-Fons
Wednesday 31/8 at 19
The five-string double base virtuoso Renaud García-Fons plays his instrument like you never thought possible.


Wednesday 17/8 - Wednesday 31/8
Stories of hate and love.
Short shadow, long journey – The universe of Rax Rinnekangas
Friday 19/8 - Wednesday 31/8
Prolific filmmaker, photographer and author Rax Rinnekangas' works are an attempt to shed light into a world permanently in shadow.
Steven Isserlis & Olli Mustonen
Monday 22/8 at 19
This acclaimed cellist plays with an almost overwhelming range and insight.
Sergio Leone: The Dollar Trilogy
Friday 26/8 - Saturday 27/8 at 17 - 01
A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly are screened in Bio Rex on the Night of the Arts.
Samuel Beckett: Waiting for Godot
Thursday 15/9 at 19
NOTE: The premiere has been rescheduled!


Terike Haapoja & Co: Edge of the World
Friday 19/8 - Monday 31/10
How does the world look through the eyes of another?
The Night of the Arts
Friday 26/8 - Wednesday 30/11
The Night of the Arts takes over the town on August 26th.
The Creole Choir of Cuba
Sunday 28/8 at 16
Cuba’s hidden gem leads the audience in a ”Sunday Mass” that is far from holy.
Teatr Licedei: Pokatukha
Friday 2/9 - Sunday 4/9
The legendary St.Petersburg-based troupe expresses a baffling array of human emotions almost wordlessly.


Viapori Jazz
Wednesday 24/8 - Saturday 27/8
At Viapori, poetry is found in words, in music, in the moment.
Christoph Schlingensief: Via Intolleranza II
Wednesday 24/8 at 19 and thursday 25/8 at 19
Can we help Africa if we cannot help ourselves? This international mega production became the swan song for German cult director Christoph Schlingensief.
Viirus: Identity is a Myth
7 shows starting from friday 26/8
The new generation at Viirus Theatre investigates what defines us and how we define ourselves.
Von Hertzen Brothers & Rubik
Sunday 4/9 at 19
Finnish rock greats have named the Queen as a key influence and now combine forces to create musical and visual tribute to this legendary rock band.


War on Stage - Martial Arts Theater from China
Tuesday 30/8 at 19 and wednesday 31/8 at 19
Skillful acrobatics, mind-blowing fight scenes, colourful costumes and beautiful masks are the order of the day as China’s finest display their prowess.
Wim Wenders: Pina
Thursday 1/9 at 18
”Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost!”
Friday 2/9 at 21
Helsinki’s brand new Music Centre will be opening its smaller concert halls to the public for the first time.


Yundi: Chopin
Sunday 28/8 at 18
Yundi’s performance marks his first ever appearance in Helsinki.