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Helsinki City Theatre, Suuri näyttämö

Address: Ensi linja 2

Helsinki City Theatre / Access
The main stage has four wheelchair spaces at either end of row 14 (2+2). The small stage has four spaces at either end of row 7 (2+2). Studio Elsa has two stall spaces and Teatteristudio Pasila four spaces at either end of row 12 (so-called balcony seats) (2+2). Lilla Teatern has two spaces, to the left of row 9 and Arena has four spaces (2+2) on either side of the back row in the stalls.

Disabled lifts are available for the main and little stages as well as Teatteristudio Pasila, Lilla Teatern and the Arena stage. All lifts can accommodate one wheelchair at a time. The Arena lift is unsuitable for electric wheelchairs as its capacity is limited to 225kg.
Information supplied by the venue.