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Wednesday, August 24 2011

Viapori Jazz
Wednesday 24/8 - Saturday 27/8
At Viapori, poetry is found in words, in music, in the moment.
Festival Club
14 shows starting from wednesday 24/8
Helsinki Festival will have its own Festival Club at the National Theatre’s Lavaklubi for the duration of the festival.
Anna Eriksson & Irina Björklund
Wednesday 24/8 at 19
An evening of soft, sensuous sound, high drama and old world elegance.
Christoph Schlingensief: Via Intolleranza II
Wednesday 24/8 at 19 and thursday 25/8 at 19
Can we help Africa if we cannot help ourselves? This international mega production became the swan song for German cult director Christoph Schlingensief.
Eloge du Poil - The Bearded Lady
Wednesday 24/8 - Tuesday 23/8
With a burgeoning beard and escargot peeking from between her toes, the French circus artist and ventriloquist Jeanne Mordoj creates a heady mix of genres and gender roles.
Liisa Risu: More or less love songs
4 shows starting from wednesday 24/8
The Helsinki Festival 2011 dance commission is fuelled by the conflicting emotional states of people in love.
Mart Kangro: Talk to Me
7 shows starting from wednesday 24/8
Well-known and highly regarded across Europe, this Estonian-born choreographer investigates questions about performing and performers.
Wednesday 17/8 - Wednesday 31/8
Stories of hate and love.
Art Goes Kapakka
Thursday 18/8 - Saturday 27/8
Helsinki's hottest bars and restaurants will be sizzling with atmosphere as they play host to a line up of artists and acts as diverse as they are surprising.
Animals Visiting the City
Friday 19/8 - Friday 26/8
Bears, wolves, moose and rabbits, escapees from a dream world, embark on a visit to Human Cities.
Short shadow, long journey – The universe of Rax Rinnekangas
Friday 19/8 - Wednesday 31/8
Prolific filmmaker, photographer and author Rax Rinnekangas' works are an attempt to shed light into a world permanently in shadow.
Terike Haapoja & Co: Edge of the World
Friday 19/8 - Monday 31/10
How does the world look through the eyes of another?
Michaël Borremans
Saturday 20/8 - Sunday 9/10
The world conjured up by this Belgian painter is engaged in dialogue with the wider artistic tradition.
Jia Zhangke – Contemporary Chinese film
4 shows starting from tuesday 23/8
The maelstrom of social and economic change gripping China, the east Asian giant, as seen through the lens of a movie camera.
Mike Leigh
3 shows starting from tuesday 23/8
Mike Leigh's films describe ordinary life, executed with all the charm and magic of theatre.