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Tuesday, August 30 2011

Jia Zhangke – Contemporary Chinese film
4 shows starting from tuesday 30/8
The maelstrom of social and economic change gripping China, the east Asian giant, as seen through the lens of a movie camera.
Mike Leigh
3 shows starting from tuesday 30/8
Mike Leigh's films describe ordinary life, executed with all the charm and magic of theatre.
Festival Club
14 shows starting from tuesday 30/8
Helsinki Festival will have its own Festival Club at the National Theatre’s Lavaklubi for the duration of the festival.
Mara ja Katti
6 shows starting from tuesday 30/8
The King of Rats is holding court at Helsinki City Hall and whisks best friends Mara and Katti off on a breathtaking adventure.
La Bottine Souriante
Tuesday 30/8 at 19
La Bottine Souriante combines Québécois folk and celtic sounds in irresistable way.
Neue Vocalsolisten
Tuesday 30/8 at 19
These seekers of new sounds embark on an adventure into the unknown.
Oksanen & Kaunismaa: Kertomuksia keittiöstä
4 shows starting from tuesday 30/8
Revenge turns into a walz, liposuction into a jig, as a woman’s life is brought under the microscope.
War on Stage - Martial Arts Theater from China
Tuesday 30/8 at 19 and wednesday 31/8 at 19
Skillful acrobatics, mind-blowing fight scenes, colourful costumes and beautiful masks are the order of the day as China’s finest display their prowess.
Viirus: Identity is a Myth
7 shows starting from tuesday 30/8
The new generation at Viirus Theatre investigates what defines us and how we define ourselves.
Wednesday 17/8 - Wednesday 31/8
Stories of hate and love.
Short shadow, long journey – The universe of Rax Rinnekangas
Friday 19/8 - Wednesday 31/8
Prolific filmmaker, photographer and author Rax Rinnekangas' works are an attempt to shed light into a world permanently in shadow.
Michaël Borremans
Saturday 20/8 - Sunday 9/10
The world conjured up by this Belgian painter is engaged in dialogue with the wider artistic tradition.
Poetry Moon
Friday 26/8 - Thursday 1/9
Helsinki’s only book festival approaches art armed with reading glasses.
House Poetry
Sunday 28/8 - Wednesday 31/8
The poetry ambassadors are coming!