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The Night of the Arts

The Night of the Arts


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The Night of the Arts

The Night of the Arts takes over Helsinki for the 23rd time on 26 August. Audiences will again be treated to new art and new experiences that they can enjoy both as spectators and as active participants. What is so unique about the Night of the Arts is the way it allows visitors to leap from one atmosphere to another, from the calm of an art gallery to an exuberant world music concert or from a dusky park to a poetry fashion show or media art display. The programme lists all the events taking place on the night. We suggest that you try to resist the temptation to draw up a detailed timetable and instead let the events lead you - take time to wander and wonder.

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Animals Visiting the City 19.8. - 26.8.

Bears, wolves, moose and owls, escapees from a dream world, embark on a visit to Human Cities. South African artist Roger Titley and Airan Berg from Israel bring to life the beasts of Finland's forests. Free public workshops will be run across the city, with anyone and everyone welcome to take part. Create your own power animal. Animals Visting the City culminates in an open air procession on the Night of the Arts.

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Urban Art

Aquatic Images at the Oasis
Cave Paintings of Consciousness
Life's Paths


Photo: Matti Ahlgren



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