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Friday, September 2 2011

Mä ja Niko
5 shows starting from friday 2/9
Riku Immonen's choreography explores loneliness and friendship, intimacy and independence.
Festival Club
14 shows starting from friday 2/9
Helsinki Festival will have its own Festival Club at the National Theatre’s Lavaklubi for the duration of the festival.
Lemi Ponifasio & MAU: Birds with Skymirrors
Friday 2/9 at 19 and saturday 3/9 at 19
Man, nature, mythology and the current day meet in the Samoan Lemi Ponifasio's breathtaking choreography.
Paleface & Koiton Laulu
Friday 2/9 at 19
Paleface and Koiton Laulu stand for justice and peace.
Teatr Licedei: Pokatukha
Friday 2/9 - Sunday 4/9
The legendary St.Petersburg-based troupe expresses a baffling array of human emotions almost wordlessly.
Viirus: Identity is a Myth
7 shows starting from friday 2/9
The new generation at Viirus Theatre investigates what defines us and how we define ourselves.
Friday 2/9 at 21
Helsinki’s brand new Music Centre will be opening its smaller concert halls to the public for the first time.
Terike Haapoja & Co: Edge of the World
Friday 19/8 - Monday 31/10
How does the world look through the eyes of another?
Michaël Borremans
Saturday 20/8 - Sunday 9/10
The world conjured up by this Belgian painter is engaged in dialogue with the wider artistic tradition.
Jia Zhangke – Contemporary Chinese film
4 shows starting from tuesday 23/8
The maelstrom of social and economic change gripping China, the east Asian giant, as seen through the lens of a movie camera.
Mike Leigh
3 shows starting from tuesday 23/8
Mike Leigh's films describe ordinary life, executed with all the charm and magic of theatre.